Active Fitness & Lifestyle Group

The Active Fitness & Lifestyle Group was established in late 2006. It encourages men and women of all ages and activity levels to become involved in exercise.

It is a great way for everyone to become involved in the local community in a relaxed and friendly environment, offering a variety of activities and monthly programming allowing participants to select activities that best suit them.

You can learn about the classes offered, here, and our fees, here.

The Active Fitness & Lifestyle Group is a not-for-profit program that has been incorporated into the council-owned, community-operated swimming centre using it as a focal point and information hub.

The project is funded jointly by the AHC, the Office of Recreation and Sport, and the Adelaide Hills War Memorial Swimming Centre; as well as donations from clubs such as the Lions Club.

It is overseen by the Adelaide Hills War Memorial Swimming Centre Inc management Committee, which is an enthusiastic group of community members that includes local community residents, a councilor, representatives of associated sporting groups and a representative from the AHC.

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